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Steam Bath is the proven method in ayurvedic panchkarma therapy. Worldwide Steam Bath is used along with aroma oils, Bath Salts, Herbs and leaves. Kawachi Medicine and Herb box is...


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  • Steam Bath is the proven method in ayurvedic panchkarma therapy.
  • Worldwide Steam Bath is used along with aroma oils, Bath Salts, Herbs and leaves.
  • Kawachi Medicine and Herb box is the convenient way to use aroma oils, Bath salts, herbs and leaves along with steam sauna.
  • Kawachi medicine Box is easy to connect to steam sauna.
  • Steam sauna along with aroma therapy can enhance the effectiveness making you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Throughout the history of across cultures, people have understood that steam baths are beneficial. They provide mental and physical relaxation. Kawachi introduced India’s First portable steam Bath in year 2003 and Last 15 years more than 50,000 happy customers are enjoying the modern form of Ayurvedic Panchakarma Sweden Therapy in Convenient Form.

Using Ancient Medicine and Herbs and Bath salts in Steam Bath :
Steam bath provides an effective way to use herbs and medicines because it opens the pores, allowing botanicals to be absorbed into the skin more readily. Steam also allows the essences of the herbs to be inhaled with ease. 

Adding dried herbs or essential oils to the steam bath enhances health benefits. 

Bath Salts: are water soluble, pulverized minerals that are added to water to be used for bathing. They are said to improve Cleaning, enhance the enjoyment of bathing. 
Bath salts have modern and ancient history. The Greeks and Romans bathed in warm salt water for relaxation rejuvenation and also to heal a variety of skin conditions. 

Use of Kawachi Medicine and Bath salt box: 
To enhance the effectiveness of bath salt, Kawachi Medicine Box is provided. 

It is divided into 2 parts. As per the convenience you can add

  • Bath Salts
  • Essential Oil
  • Raw Medicine Leaves etc. 

How to use: 
Connect the Medicine Box from inside the steam cabin with the help of the pipe to the connector provided on the steam bath cabin. If you want to purchase steam bath please check link http://amzn.in/75zAFgF 

Open the container of the medicine box :
Add few drops of essential oil of your choice on cotton swab and put it on the Mesh provided 
To Keep bath salts in lower part of container for its benefits
Put Raw leaves in lower part of the container 

Steam passes through Medicine box and it infuses the essential properties of bath salt/aroma oils.

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