Kawachi Folding Massage Table Cum Folding Steam Bath Chamber for Panchakarma Clinics and Home Care Treatment

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Sleeping Steam Bath with Massage Table The Kawachi Sleeping Steam Bath / Arch Spa / portable steam Bath converts an ordinary massage table into a full-service professional massage table as...


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Sleeping Steam Bath with Massage Table

The Kawachi Sleeping Steam Bath / Arch Spa / portable steam Bath converts an ordinary massage table into a full-service professional massage table as at a day spa.

• With your own Kawachi Sleeping Steam Bath / Arch Spa, you can give better results in healing treatments to your clients than any other massage therapist. Which will result in a greater number of satisfied clients and more referrals to you and your clients keep coming back for more.
• On the massage table itself, one can lie down and take the steam. During the treatment, head remains outside the steam bath allowing the lymphatic system and organs to heal on its own. No plumbing or room redesigning is needed.  All you need is a standard electrical outlet and your massage table.
• Our lightweight steam cabin can be assembled or disassembled in just few minutes, allowing you to maintain the versatility of your treatment room.  Its portability also allows you to take your services to your client's home making them feel more relaxed.
• The Kawachi Sleeping Steam Bath / Arch Spa uses a patented heat-circulation design that provides a soothing flow of steam and an even distribution of heat within your steam cabin.  An entire treatment needs just some water.

Who can use Kawachi Sleeping Steam Bath / Arch Spa? 

• Massage therapists, massage training schools, estheticians and spas.
• Ayurvedic Kawachi Steam Bath has been used across the world for last 20 years. Some of the top Ayurvedic physicians and schools use Kawachi Sleeping Steam Bath / Arch Spa.
• Nearly 67,000 Kawachi Steam Baths have been sold worldwide.
• With Kawachi Sleeping Steam Bath / Arch Spa sore joints, arthritis, fibromyalgia and lymphatic drainage get relief. Also useful in weight loss treatment.
• Many Hospitals, Ayurveda Centre’s, Massage Parlors use the Kawachi Steam Bath / Arch Spa.

• No assembly and extra storage Required. Very easy to fold and move around.
• It takes minutes to clean and fold. Very light weight (less than 20 kg.).
• Great partner for body-work practitioners that do outcalls or work in small massage rooms.
• No need to bother your client. After steam treatment is over, one can continue with the massage or other treatments on the same table.
• Excellent to use before and after the body massage. Also, great to use with any type of body treatment like a body rap, body scrub, exfoliation or detox.
• Kawachi Sleeping Steam Bath is completely collapsible and foldable, making it the first of its kind in the market.
• While most of the other similar products have to be completely dismantled before, the Kawachi Steam Bath canopy can be folded and placed into the bag in minutes.
• The overall light weight and size of the collapsed Kawachi Steam bath canopy makes it perfect for personal use, in the treatment room of the spa, or as a handy treatment by the therapist at the client’s place.

Additional info:
The steam generator produces the steam by boiling water. When water boils it makes a bubbling sound. This sound is natural and indicates that the steamer is properly working.

• Relief from pain and/or swelling caused by arthritis and fibromyalgia
• Relief of symptoms from allergies
• Improved circulation
• Improved skin tone and appearance
• Bright, clear eyes
• Improved sleep
• Relief from sinus and lung congestion
• Reduction in the number of headaches
• Stress relief-ability to physically relax
• Elimination of muscular pain
• Weight loss
• Elimination of puffiness in the body
• Fewer colds

1. Kawachi Sleeping Portable Steam Bath / Arch Spa
2. Water-resistant reusable table mat
3. Portable steam generator (in separate box)
4. Carrying bag
5. Massage table with accessories
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